At Nyotech, we offer 3 levels of initial service to our customers.

Level 1: FREE Network Documentation
- Listing and identifying all hardware and software

Level 2: Network Security Scan
- Scan and document network flaws for security risks to data & system integrity.

Level 3: Network Audit
- Scan computer networks identifying potential operating problems and security risks

All of our new customers can take advantage of our no obligation FREE network documentation, which can be used for insurance purposes, future upgrades or just for your own information. Ask us today about your network.

Other services we offer at Nyotech are listed below.

Network Troubleshooting & Repair
- Onsite troubleshooting of the client's network on a per hour basis

Computer Repair
- Troubleshooting and repairing any computer related trouble the client might encounter on a per hour basis

Network Setup
- Offering solutions to improve existing networks or building new ones (product pricing & installation by quote)

Computer Hardware and Software
- Price-conscious products to suit the client's needs

Website Hosting and Design
- Professional websites designed and hosted by Nyotech and Raysr's EDGE Computing

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