Below is a list of companies with whom Nyotech has formed a strategic alliance. Providing solutions to all facets of the IT field will save you, the client, time and money. You will never need another service provider. Nyotech's exclusive partnerships make solutions easy! Inc. Inc. is a High Speed Internet Access Service Provider, providing High Speed Internet Access by means of Wireless Communications better known as (WISP) (( Wireless Internet Service Provider )).They provide their customers with Internet Access by means of Wireless Transmission only (No Dialup) of any kind, and no (Cable) Lines. This means that anyone In far off places who can't get High Speed Service, will with Inc. They also offer busy business people with ROAMING High Speed Internet with their Mobile Wireless Service for laptops.

Spectrum Group

Communication is such a vital part of business and everyday life. When it comes to critical communications, police, fire, ambulance, and the government all rely on Spectrum to ensure their calls gets through. All the time; every time! Trust Spectrum to assist you in examining where your organization can improve on its communication systems, they're available to help you find or develop innovative communication solutions to your common problems. With multiple locations across Northern Ontario, they have qualified experts near you in every major centre, ready to go to work on your solutions.

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